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  This is a ture and long story about Wuhan Tina Import & Export Co.,Ltd.Pls kindly keep patience to listen to me.It’s very important and good for you and us.Thanks a lot.

Once we went to check the quality of goods. During those few days, one factory director got our contact details by another factory manager.Then he called me again and again,also sent me messages.

  We were moved by perseverance and decided to have a look at his factory.I found that he worked so hard and also the left goods with good quality in the warehouse.So one time I let him make pre-production samples about one customer’s order,the samples are good and perfect.Lastly I ordered 2 containers (white quartzite and cloudy gray quartzite)from him and paid deposit as he required.He promised us the production time will be within 1 month at most.

  During the production,he borrowed money from me caused he told me he met a big trouble and need urgent help.Because my kind heart and then I lent money to him.But few days passed,he borrow money from me again,I refused this time.


   At the beginning of May that year,He called me and told me the goods would be ready and let me arrange the shipment asap.   Then we went to the factory for inspection as usual before shipment on 10th.May.That’s why I told my customer waiting for my email before booking.Because I have to control the quality by myself every time.When I and my little brother arrived at his factory,we found that only one and half container.The quality as follows;

1.One container of white quartz from his neighbor's factory


image.png image.png image.png image.png


Very bad color,I cancelled it right now.I refused to pack it.


2.Half container of cloudy gray quartz



Bad color too,I only can choose good ones to pack piece by piece





all these bad pieces are taken out.

It took us about one week to get the defective goods out and finally finished the package of 13 crates,the rest under the production day the weather started to change,I asked him cover the products to keep it from getting wet,he doesn’t listen to me,finally goods became wet like this;


We bear again and again,however we insisted to take out and finish the rest asap.


He told us he doesn’t allow to pack rest,also doesn’t want to sell these to us.Then I said I told you I have to decide to refuse and cancel all.We have to reproduce for our customer and responsible for our customer about everything details.We prepared to leave and arrange the new production,he shouted and wouldn’t let us leave his factory.My cars were stopped by wooden crate(one crate weight more than 1 tons) as the following pictures show.We can’t bear again and again.My little brother turned around angrily and fought with little brother was very sensible in hitting out where it wasn't the key.That stupid factory manager got a little hurt,we together were sent to the following place.



The xxx told us that we should be careful with that stupid factory manager,he always cheat customers,he is a very poor man,he has given up his wife and daughter ,also beat his wife’s father and mother all the time ,he is a wreth,very crazy!!!


Finally we only accept the better ones what we have choosed and sell it in China market by very cheaper price,not export to any customers.Also we make compensation for his hurt.Many local factory directors and miners come here and help us,including that stupid factory director’s relatives.However,I would prefer make any sacrifice and lost money for getting good quality.Because Tina has to be responsible for my every customers .Once customers choosed me,I have to make sure good quality for my every customer.


We reproduce good white quartz and good cloudy gray quartzite as following;




Then black quartz are ok from another mine.


Loading container pictures for your checking;


Cloudy gray quartzite container,due to we reproduce all including our cartons,so many empty cartons left,I put it into the container and send them to our customer for free.


Total 3 containers.


Here story is ending…but not end really.


After happen this thing,nearly all China north factories know us TM-STONE(me and my little brother).Including XX company.Then the customer’s carton also are famous.Believing that many suppliers email to our customer during these days from that day till now….

Lastly our customer really receive a very good price list.Some company would rather keep losing money.But they can’t get the huge support from the factories,because many years passed,they always change the cooperated factory one by one, this is one of the most favourable evidence that the factory support us.


Wuhan Tina tell you truth for everything at any time. This time I lost too much money,but it's no problem.What’s the most thing is that my customer can receive good quality goods as a result.If any problems,we’re responsible for everything  to the end.Pls don’t worry.China north factories are very complex,some place and some person are not to obey laws and contracts.It need some people who has rights to solve it coordinatly.We have many good suppliers,no worries.It was a accident this time,but we still have ways to deal with everything very well.


From now on our Wuhan Tina company reputation are more famous,much more reliable factories support us and let us choose goods priority.It’s a very perfect and great recycle,we choose reliable factories,you choose us!!!


By the way,I have to tell you that every factory is good at only few items,so it need to make collections professionally all the time.

2 years ago,about 3000 factories(big and small),now only left about 1000 factories.Because of environment protection by government control strictly,also it’s near to our Capital Beijing.


TM-STONE team want to swear every details are true and honest.I always adhere to the honesty of every customer and pursue the reasonable profit.Pls carefully choose suppliers,some suppliers even ship one container of Soil and Rotten stone to customers.Warmly welcome to take part in China stone fair and visit factories for checking prices & quality at any time.


Sorry to take your time.Thanks so much my customers!

I appreciate your trust and support you forever.

Honest relationships are the healthiest,easiest,and the most long-term relationships.


Your sincerely